Track Profiler

TrackProfiler is a small free utility for exporting GPS track profiles into PNG images. It works with java (version 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5) and it can be downloaded here.

Important update -- try the new (web based) version of trackprofiler - Trackprofiler2.

With TrackProfiler you can...

Load a track (OziExplorer file type: .PLT) and view its profile:

The track profile can be smoothed:

You can view track extremes:

...or you can load track waypoints (in .WPT file format):

If there are too many waypoints - you can add/remove some:

...or change labels, arrow lengths or positions:

The program also calculates average ascent/descent on some point of the track:

...or select two points on the track and view distances and ascent between them:

And, of course - you can export it as a PNG image for your web page:

The program also computes:

TrackProfiler is open source - the source can be downloaded here. If you are interested to help this small project just drop me an email.

Hope it helps :)

© 2006 by Tomo Krajina