2010-10-03 09:36, by Tomo Krajina

Hike to Žbevnica; the westernmost 1000+ m high peak of Croatia. test...

zbevnica cicarija hiking mountains marina
Around Pazin

2005-12-10 08:59, by Tomo Krajina

Hike Around Pazin, Rijavac and Pazin's cave. Actually, this was the day when my wife and I met for the first time. So, a very important hike for us ;)...

pazin istra croatia

2005-12-24 08:58, by Tomo Krajina

Snowy hike from Oltari to Zavižan....

zavizan velebit croatia

n/a, by Tomo Krajina

Hike to Obzova, the highest point of the island of Krk (the biggest Croatian Island)....

obzova kvarner croatia

2006-08-26 15:54, by Tomo Krajina

Snježnik is the third highest point in Gorski kotar. The name Snježnik comes from the Croatian "Snijeg" - snow....

snjeznik gorskikotar croatia
Gornje Jelenje - Risnjak

2006-05-07 09:48, by Tomo Krajina

From Gornje jelenje to the mountain hut Risnjak....

gornje jelenje risnjak gorskikotar croatia

2006-08-19 16:47, by Tomo Krajina

Drgomalj is a mountain in Gorski Kotar near Delnice. It is not high, but interesting for its beatifull view from the top. On his western slope there is a famous "Hajdova hiža" cave. By the way, at...

drgomalj gorkskikotar croatia delnice

2007-09-30 10:35, by Tomo Krajina

Viševica is one of the highest peaks in Gorski Kotar, but also one of the least known ones. It placed near the (more popular) Bitoraj, but there aren't any mountain huts there. Unfortunately, I...

visevica gorskikotar croatia marijan tanja
Buje - Oprtalj

2006-04-23 12:07, by Tomo Krajina

Once upon a time, this was my "standard" road bike trip. At least once weekly....

buje oprtalj novigrad vizinada istra

2006-05-06 14:10, by Tomo Krajina

Random wandering around Draguć. The track position is probably not right because the starting point in the map was cloudy (at least at the moment I uploaded it)....

draguc istra croatia marina
Prdljevica valley

2011-03-20 11:08, by Tomo Krajina

In search for a geocache in this valley with a strange name ("prdljevica" probably comes from the word "prdnuti" which is "fart" in english ;-). Unfortunately we didn't found the cache, but anyway......

cicarija istra croatia
Grdoselo - Zelengrad

2011-03-27 13:13, by Marko Krajina

Trip around Grdoselo...

grdoselo zelengrad istra croatia
Vodice izvor

n/a, by Tomo Krajina

Track from Brgudac, Korita, Prdljevica, Dol valley and Izvor Vodice and back to Brgudac....

dol cicarija istra croatia
Mala Učka - Brgud

2008-02-10 10:50, by Tomo Krajina

Hiking from the village Mala Uka to the peak of Brgud. A panorama from the hike is here: http://www.panoye.com/panorama/a-view-to-vojak...

ucka istra croatia brgud
Hahlići from Podkilavac

2008-03-02 10:10, by Tomo Krajina

From the village Podkilavac to the mountain hut "Hahlići"....

hahlici gorski kotar croatia