Around Pazin

2005-12-10 08:59, by Tomo Krajina

Hike Around Pazin, Rijavac and Pazin's cave. Actually, this was the day when my wife and I met for the first time. So, a very important hike for us ;)...

pazin istra croatia

n/a, by Tomo Krajina


istra slovenia

n/a, by Tomo Krajina

Quick track to the biggest Istrian "dolac" (depression)....

sopajac istra

2005-11-21 08:19, by Tomo Krajina

Kamenjak is the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula. This was a hike all around it....

kamenjak istra
Buje - Oprtalj

2006-04-23 12:07, by Tomo Krajina

Once upon a time, this was my "standard" road bike trip. At least once weekly....

buje oprtalj novigrad vizinada istra
Lanišće - Korita - Županj vrh

2006-05-20 15:27, by Tomo Krajina

Walk from the village of Lanišće, through Korita to Županj vrh....

cicarija zupanj vrh korita istra
Trviž Tinjan

2006-06-30 15:46, by Tomo Krajina

Another afternoon roabike trip....

trviz tinjan roadbike porec istra

2006-06-05 15:08, by Tomo Krajina

Another roadbike trip around Poreč....

porec visnjan vizinada kastelir roadbike

2006-05-06 14:10, by Tomo Krajina

Random wandering around Draguć. The track position is probably not right because the starting point in the map was cloudy (at least at the moment I uploaded it)....

draguc istra croatia marina

2011-01-09 09:18, by Tomo Krajina

Short and sweet family trip with Sven (3 years old), Tijana, Nikola, Karla (1 year old), Marina and me. Although the day was foggy the main goal of the hike was successfully done -- the (geo)cache at...

marina karla porec istra geocaching

2011-01-23 09:17, by Tomo Krajina

Another quick family hike in southern Istria. This time around the little town of Bale. We wanted to do one of the trekking paths but it was too cold... So we shortened it a little bit....

bale istra marina karla

2011-02-05 10:00, by Tomo Krajina

The origins of the settlement lie in the Roman stronghold of Castrum Vallis, built by Caius Pulcrus to protect the salt-pan road from Pula to Poreč. Its rich local architecture and the Istrian...

bale istra marina karla
Borisov put and Županj vrh

2011-02-19 05:22, by Tomo Krajina

Unfortunately, the first part of the track is not recorded ;(...

cicarija kreso istra
Prdljevica valley

2011-03-20 11:08, by Tomo Krajina

In search for a geocache in this valley with a strange name ("prdljevica" probably comes from the word "prdnuti" which is "fart" in english ;-). Unfortunately we didn't found the cache, but anyway......

cicarija istra croatia
Grdoselo - Zelengrad

2011-03-27 13:13, by Marko Krajina

Trip around Grdoselo...

grdoselo zelengrad istra croatia