2010-10-03 09:36, by Tomo Krajina

Hike to Žbevnica; the westernmost 1000+ m high peak of Croatia. test...

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Žbevnica and surroundings

2006-04-01 08:03, by Tomo Krajina

Žbevnica and surroundings. Can't remember what's the name of the northern peak is ;)...

zbevnica marina cicarija
Žbevnica - Novačka pećina

2006-02-19 08:34, by Tomo Krajina

Hike from Brgudac, through Žbevnica (the westernmost Croatian peak over 1000m) to the Novačka pećina (cave). See here for more photos of Žbevnica and the cave:...

zbevnica novacka cave croatia istra

2006-04-01 08:03, by Tomo Krajina