🥾 Owl path (Sovina staza)





The 7.7 km long Owl’s trail is ideal for family hiking and socializing. --- The beginning of the marked trail is located in a pine forest near the Višnjan cemetery. The macadam road leads to a water ravine called Baćin, followed by a dirt road and (after a right turn) to a narrow forest road. Here, you can see the former quarry used for stone houses in the nearby village. ![img](https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49322342317_bacea682dd_c_d.jpg) The path exits from the grove on the macadam near the village of Deklevi, opposite the lavender plantations of the family farm Deklevi and bauxite pits (“kave”) and continues to the the right, towards the villages of Deklevi and Kočići . After the village of Deklevi, and a short asphalt section (turn to Srebrnići-on the left), turn right onto a dirt road. ![lokva](https://live.staticflickr.com/831/41110082984_d3786155bb_c_d.jpg) Immediately on the right side, in the woods, there was a natural lake that had disappeared in the 1930s. The lake was a significant water accumulation in this part of the Istria with very few water sources. In the 19th century the inhabitants from as far as Rovinj visited here for water. After a hundred meters ahead, andnext to an old oak the "alley of hornbeams" (also called "alley of orchids") starts. It’s an airy tunnel of pleasant shade. that brings you on the trail to the pond on Tičan (the process of restoring the pond is underway), a pine grove filled with birdsong, a church with a preserved threshing floor - an Istrian rarity, world famous observatory Tičan summer house Mainenti and a glade with a wide view of the sea on one side and Ćićarija, Učka on the other side. On Tičan, walkers can rest on benches in a pine forest, in the shade of an old oak tree next to the observatory and on the threshing floor in front of the church or continue to the forest "Dubrava" which is rich in “kave” (bauxite pits), chestnut, hornbeam and acacia forests, owls and roe deers. ![vena](https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49322132051_4196c28429_c_d.jpg) From Dubrava, turn left to ascend to the Vena lookout point, which offers a wide view from the olive grove, vineyards, sea (Porto Busola, Červar Porat) to the open sea, and in clear weather you can see the Julian Alps and the Dolomites. In the acacia grove there is a table with benches which is in the shade during the summer months and is a perfect resting place for refreshment. From the lookout point, the road descends to the Šćikovac and continues on a macadam road towards the football stadium, which is located near the starting point of the Owl’s trail.

Track info

2d length: 7.74km
3d length: 7.74km
Total speed: n/a
Moving speed: n/a
Total time: n/a
Max speed: n/a
Time stopped: n/a
Time moving: n/a
Start time: n/a
End time: n/a
Uphill: 118m
Downhill: 118m
Max elevation: 331m
Min elevation: 243m