Tom's Bearsign Loop-Rev2

2018-12-04 04:49:44, by optimxr

After traveling 2.4mi on Dry Creek Road(152), start hiking at Bearsign TH, follow Vulte Arch trail to first large wash. Exit north into wash for .6mi where the Many Hands Cave is located. Go up on…

bearsign dry creek wash saddle alcove ruin

cedar lake

2016-11-13 17:25:24, by DAnna Miller

fall color ride

billy creek

Alamo Lake Arizona

2015-04-13 15:20:34, by Pat Richter

Tracks from Lake Havasu AZ to Alamo Lake to include Signal, McCracken, Burro Creek.

lake havasu alamo burro creek mccracken signal

11/30/2014 4:00 PM

2014-12-01 02:46:27, by Brad Grant

Dukes Creek gorge to Smithgall cabins

side trail dukes creek smithgall

Dog Creek Loop Long Version

2015-02-08 01:20:15, by Brad Grant

Meandering around the woods of Don Carter State Park

don carter dog creek

Walnut Creek

2014-06-20 15:31:34, by guest

Walnut Creek MTB

walnut creek

Walnut Creek

2014-06-19 16:57:49, by Phil Niles

Mountain Bike Trail

walnut creek

Denny Creek

2014-06-04 16:02:45, by Bobby Marko

Denny Creek

denny creek

Coal Creek Falls

2014-05-27 04:01:21, by Bobby Marko

Coal Creek Falls

coal creek falls

wye creek

2014-02-11 08:09:08, by Shona Blair

wye creek

wye creek

Creek Road Trail

2013-12-07 16:56:27, by guest

Trail and railroad track

creek road trail

Calf Creek - Escalante River

2013-10-07 20:22:51, by Matt Peterson

Weekend adventure with Matt, Jeff, Rebecca, Korinne, Veronica, and Robbie

calf creek sand escalante river hike

ATX100k - Barton Creek Greenbelt

2013-07-22 17:39:13, by guest

ATX100k - Barton Creek Greenbelt

atx100k bcgb barton creek greenbelt austin mountain biking

Mt Prindle via Quartz Creek

2013-07-12 01:51:28, by Marc Oggier

Retour de Mt Prindle via Quartz Creek

prindle quartz creek


2013-04-22 18:19:43, by Marc Oggier

Skin up to the saddle between Michael Creek and Flood Creek

flood creek michael skin up ski out


2013-04-22 17:49:29, by Marc Oggier

Item Peak leader > Max Kaufmann route modification due to avalanche hazard following the normal Michael Creek itinerary

item peak michael creek trims

Wye Creek

2013-02-06 00:33:54, by guest

wye creek

wye creek

Wye Creek

2013-01-06 01:57:17, by guest

Wye Creek

wye creek

Big Creek Loop

2012-09-30 00:28:24, by guest

Big Creek Loop

big creek loop