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Waterous Loop

2017-10-29 04:28:48, by Mark McIntosh

The Waterous Loop is 61.3 km ride that shares approximately 28 km with the Munda Biddi trail. Bidjar Ngoulin hut is in the middle, so it is ideally located for splitting the ride into two days.

munda biddi wa

Rock Perth

2016-05-06 02:24:44, by Mark McIntosh

Route from Rockingham to Perth

rockingham perth fremantle wa australia

Dunlop to Higgins

2015-12-26 23:25:23, by Mark McIntosh

Part of the ACT which I have not ridden

dunlop higgins

Gunning short loop

2014-10-02 07:54:21, by Mark McIntosh

Alternate short loop to Gunning and back


Big Hole loop

2014-09-20 21:55:05, by Mark McIntosh

Edit here!

Canberra To Coast

2014-04-06 00:21:47, by Mark McIntosh

A bikepacking ride to Batemans Bay


Canberra Centenary Trail

2014-01-18 05:50:05, by Mark McIntosh

The Centenary Trail is a 145 kilometre self-guided, non-motorised loop trail for walkers and touring cyclists that showcases Canberra and takes users on a journey between urban and rural environments…

cycling walking